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The New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday suspended trading at around 11:30 a.m. ET due to an “internal technical issue,” CNN reports.

President of the NYSE, Thomas Farley, told CNBC that they hoped to resume trading at 2:45 p.m. ET. Trading resumed nearly an hour later.

“It is the most significant outage since Nasdaq’s blackout [in 2013],” says Eric Scott Hunsader, a market structure expert and CEO of Nanex, a data feed company. The 2013 “Flash Freeze” caused all Nasdaq-listed shares to stop trading for more than three hours.

While the Department of Homeland Security said the temporary suspension was not a cyber attack of sorts, odd activity around the nation has social media in a frenzy. Early Wednesday, United Airlines’ computer system malfunctioned, grounding all flights. And before noon, the Wall Street Journal’s homepage stopped working, though the mysterious outage was rectified a short time later.

Nasdaq, however, was still operating during the outage, which meant “investors [could] still trade, just not on NYSE,” CNN writes.



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