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Woman pole dancing on bar counter

A 59-year-old Florida man named Jose Manuel Arguelles was arrested at a gentlemen’s club this past Wednesday. Arguelles brought his underage daughter to the adult club and also let her use cocaine while there.

Complex reports:

Apparently Arguelles, who doesn’t know where to draw the line when it comes to being a cool dad, brought his daughter and her friends to the club multiple times. A concerned mom went to police with photos and videos of her daughter with Arguelles’ daughter at the Pink Pony—one photo shows the girls on a pole next to a stripper. She found the photos on her daughter’s phone after checking her into rehab. The mom refused to identify herself, but she did give CBS a piece of her mind:

The things on the videos, I could describe it as disgusting. An adult has a choice to make his decisions with his own life, but you don’t do that with minors. You don’t distort their future because of your addictions.

Arguelles’ bail is currently set to $45,000 and he’s being charged with child neglect, giving drugs to children, and eight counts of promoting sexual performance by a child. The Pink Pony establishment will remain closed until this case is heard before a judge.


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