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On Tuesday, Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, offered an “open invitation” and a challenge to more than 100 Black clergy members to appear on NewsOne Now and discuss their meeting with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

At the time the invitation was issued, Martin had just completed an interview with Dr. Steve Parson, former pastor of Richmond Christian Center, who attended the meeting with Trump. (Watch their discussion in the video clip below.)

Parson offered very few specifics about what was discussed with the Republican presidential candidate, prompting Martin to say, “Y’all have an open invitation to come on this show to talk about what was said in that meeting, but also to talk about what you’re going to say in the next meeting.”

“If you are going to get media attention and talk about the hype of being a Black pastor and meeting with a Republican presidential candidate — that’s fine — but if you’re going to go into the room, at least walk in with a sheet of paper with something on it that represents your community,” said Martin.

He continued, “I don’t want to just hear financial literacy, I don’t want to hear another prosperity sermon from any of these pastors. If you want to be a true prophetic voice, then you should be following Jesus and talk about stuff that Jesus might actually bring up.”

“This is what happens when you get pimped and you get played when you are a pastor. And I would say, if you can’t come out of a room and talk about what was actually discussed with substance — all you did was have a nice get-together and you had a ministerial meeting that served no particular purpose,” Martin said.

Martin closed his invitation to the African-American pastors who attended the meeting with Trump: “Come on this show and talk to Black America about what you talked about with Donald Trump about Black folk, otherwise all y’all did was waste your damn time.”

Watch Martin issue his open invitation on NewsOne Now in the video clip above. Then watch Martin’s interview with Dr. Steve Parson, the former pastor of Richmond Christian Center, in the video clip below.

FYI: If you appear on NewsOne Now with Roland Martin, please come with facts in-hand, as Martin will challenge you and as he says, “get all up in that ascot.”

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