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Kevin Hart was recently announced as a presenter for this years Oscar awards which coincidentally has no black actors as nominees. However, being tapped by the Academy to be a presenter shows the extent of his power and success in Hollywood.

The past couple of years have been a whirlwind for the comedian who’s gone from stints at open mic nights to internationally selling out stadiums. That’s in addition to his success at the box office with films such as “Think Like A Man” and “Ride Along” (1&2). Oprah even interviewed Kevin on an episode of “Oprah Prime” which is the ultimate validation that HE HAS ARRIVED!

Regardless of the 36-year-old’s accomplishments, he recently went on a Twitter rant (it was more like a PSA in comparison to Kanye’s rant) where he said he didn’t want his films to be in the category of “Black Movies”.

After @TaShyon Laneigh  asked: “When are black celebs like @KevinHart4real & @MarlonWayans gonna stop doing stereotypical movies?” Kevin took time out of his busy schedule to GO IN! #PoorLittleTinkTink

“When are black people going to stop being so hard on their own kind…We can’t do better until we support each other” he began.

“From the movie business…Ex “Black Movies”….I make movies for everyone, I’m actually overseas promoting my movie on a international level…I’m busting my ass so other actors of color can eventually get the title “Black Movie Category” removed from the projects that we do.”

He went on to say, “So I want u 2 realize that people with ur mindset & level of thinking are the reason why our movies get categorized…In the future I don’t want 2 hear u complain about any of da problems that Black actors r havin Bcuz ur apart of the problem” he concluded.

What a classy way to read someone! There’s definitely a stigma and stereotype associated with “black films”. Has Kevin Hart forgotten that he was the star of “Soul Plane”? He definitely made some good points and it’s unfortunate that some amazing films are overlooked when they have a predominately black cast which results in situations like #OscarsSoWhite.

However, there’s a market and an audience for “black films” (i.e Tyler Perry and “Madea”) and many of our most beloved black actors got their start in these types of projects before they became main stream “A-list” actors.

Idris Elba was in the Tyler Perry film, “Daddy’s Little Girls”, Golden Globe Winner Taraji P. Henson starred in “Baby Boy” and the list goes on. Let’s also not forget that Kevin’s “Ride Along” co-star Ice Cube has come a LONG WAY from saying “Bye Felicia” in “Friday”!

Whether it’s a black or white movie, it’s work! And it’s an opportunity for those actors to hone their skills and build there credits so they can eventually become producers and make decisions about the type of roles they play as well as reach back to provide jobs behind the scenes and in front of the camera for other people of color.

Beauties, what do you think about Kevin Hart’s comments?


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