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Do You Glorify God With Your Life?| Ericaism

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So listen, if you listen to this show, then more than likely you love Jesus or you’re Jesus friendly or you go to church. Or you like gospel music. And I want to talk to my believers out there because there is a mindset and a conversation that’s happening that I think is toxic for Christians, and that is to do what makes you happy. And I know we say that you know, I just want to feel happy. I just want to do what makes me happy. But the reason it’s toxic for Christians is because we are not called to. Just live a life that is just happy. 

We’re called to live a life that. Glorifies God. Here’s the thing. We’re on this earth and there are a lot of people who don’t love God, right? So our quest to share this love of Jesus is sometimes a battle, sometimes a battle within ourselves because what we’re called to is challenging and uncomfortable at times. I’ve walked through. Made me uncomfortable. Spaces and conversations as a gospel artist. They wanted my gospel music, but not my Jesus. And so I had to be wise.



The scripture says one must be wise. To win Souls, right, it would be easy for me to just sing in church and when I say praise the Lord, people begin to praise the Lord. It would be easy for me to just be around people who are believers, but if you are called to win the lost and not the ones who actually come to church, but the ones that don’t go to church called to the places where the Christians. Those are the difficult spaces and places and it is not all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes people are cussing you out. Sometimes they are telling you you are stupid for even believing. What do you do with that? As believers, we are not called to be comfortable. We’re called to change and draw. People to Jesus. 

So I wonder how many of us have that as a part of our assignment? It is unfortunate as believers when we. When we, you know, go to church and all we’re trying to figure out is what God is going to give me and what is God going to do for me and how is God going to fix me and how’s God going to help me? That is not the reason we serve God. We trying to make it to heaven, right? We warriors, we’re disciples. We’re trying to what we’re we’re trying to make a change in this world, so that means we’re going to have to encounter some people who don’t believe like. And you’re going to have to stand up for some things you’re going to have to speak truth to some things. You’re going to have to be different and set apart different and set apart doesn’t mean strange in the isolated room where only believers go because you can’t win nobody if you ain’t around. 

So let’s make sure we keep that in mind, that we don’t adapt this way of thinking, you know, just. To be happy, I just want to be. I just want to do things, that make me feel great inside. Because sometimes you’re. Uncomfortable for the sake of the cross like Jesus was. 

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