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Back when I was a young college brother, my frat and I took delight in going to parties and chanting clever little ditties against other fraternities.  For the most part, the back-and-forth chants were good-natured, usually about how much more cool my organization was compared to another organization. Or how we pledged so much harder than they did. But it was all so innocent, with basically the goal of having partygoers say to their friends that your fraternity rocked the party over another fraternity.

But there was one chant that would always piss us off. It was when any rival fraternity inevitably began chanting “Gay Phi Gay” in a sing-song way.  Oh, how that would burn us! One reason was because A Phi A was an easy rhyme with Gay Phi Gay, which made it hard to stop.  But more importantly to us, no heterosexual fraternity man wanted to be connected with anything gay. It was the “no homo” era before the “no homo” era.

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