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“Dealing with a bank? Not me. No respect, they don’t think I’m worth the trouble. And those check cashing places are no better; their fees are outrageous. But what other choice is there?” – Lorene G.

Lorene’s situation is similar to so many others. There is just no way she wants to deal with a bank again. And, because she has a lot of debt going back to a period when she was out of work, she can’t get a credit card.

Fortunately, philanthropist and entrepreneur Russell Simmons understood the problems faced by people like Lorene, which led him to introduce the RushCard Prepaid VISA® Debit Card to people who can’t or don’t want to get bank accounts or credit cards.

The RushCard gives you the convenience of a credit card or bank debit card, and the worldwide acceptance of VISA, but without the worry of hidden fees, interest charges or overspending, and you can’t go into debt.

For those who have never had a credit card or debt problems in the past, the RushCard is also a great way to build a positive credit rating, coming with an optional service that reports the regular bill payments you make with your card to participating credit reporting agencies.

It was a personal mission for Mr. Simmons. Before he achieved success, he too went through tough times, and experienced first hand how hard it was to get respect from banks without a lot of money or a good credit history.

As he said when introducing the RushCard, “We’re doing something the banks should have done. The banks looked at the people in the face and did not see enough money in their eyes to pay attention to them.”[1]

And the RushCard has brought financial freedom and respect to so many. In fact, since it was introduced in 2004, over two million people have used the RushCard. They use it because it is easy to get, easy to use and is probably the most complete prepaid debit card available anywhere.

Financial Freedom and Respect

And so much more. Here are more reasons why the RushCard Prepaid VISA® Debit Card is much more than a payment card. It is a smart choice: a straightforward and honest alternative to using a bank, credit card or check cashing service, and a means of getting your financial life in order.

1. Virtually everyone is approved. If you are over 18, you are guaranteed approval provided you have a valid Social Security number.

2. No credit check or bank account required. No employment records either.

3. It is so easy to use. Much like a prepaid phone card, you can only spend the money you deposit onto the card.  You can use it everywhere VISA® is accepted: in stores, restaurants, to rent a car, stay in a hotel or to get cash from an ATM, and you don’t need a bank account!

4. It’s simple to add money to your card.

  • Through free direct deposit of a paycheck or government benefits
  • At all 40,000 MoneyGram® locations including Wal-Mart and CVS/pharmacy
  • By mailing in a check or money order
  • Online, if you have an existing bank Internet bill payment service
  • Using PayPal

5. Completely secure. No need to carry cash, your money is safe and secure on your card because only you can access it by using your personally selected PIN number, which you can change as often as you like. Plus, you’re always protected against unauthorized purchases if your RushCard is ever lost or stolen.

6. An easy way to pay bills. You can pay utility and other bills, easily, online or over the phone. There is no need for a credit card or checking account. Plus, you can make convenient online payments to friends and family.

7. No surprises or hidden fees – at all. If you carefully check out other payment options, you will find they come with lots of hidden fees – even for customer service, where a simple call to inquire about your balance can cost as much as $3.00. Not so with the RushCard. There are no hidden fees and 24/7 customer service is absolutely free.

8. A great way to better manage your money. You can track your spending and set up your budget and even receive text alerts if you exceed your budget amount. You can easily check on your balance, deposits and spending online, or on your cell phone

9. Use it to build a positive credit rating. RushCard even has an optional service that helps you build a positive credit rating by reporting the regular bill payments you make with your card to participating credit reporting agencies. In fact RushCard is the only prepaid card that reports to multiple credit agencies.

10. Money saving offers and sweepstakes. Take advantage of free discounts from thousands of merchants and enter the Winner a Week sweepstakes by enrolling in direct deposit.

But in the end, as convenient and easy to use as it is, the RushCard is still all about RESPECT. Thanks to Russell Simmons and RushCard, millions of people, who can’t or won’t put up with the hassles of dealing with a bank, credit card company or check cashing service, are now more self-reliant and have the financial freedom and respect they deserve.

To get the respect you deserve and find out how RushCard can help you manage your money better, visit now or call 1-866-RUSH-170.

[1] SF Chronicle Sept 19, 2004