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“Not having a credit card really makes things difficult, but I’ve never had one before, and every time I apply I get turned down.” – George R.

Without a credit card in your wallet, life is a lot more complicated. Car rentals, hotel reservations, and travel bookings all require that use of a card. Or you can find yourself embarrassed by not having enough cash when you want to pay for a friend’s movie ticket or restaurant meal. But when you apply for a credit card, you keep running up against a brick wall. What can you do?

We’ve found that there is an easy and convenient way to put plastic in your wallet, even if you have a bad credit rating or have been turned down for credit cards before.

Sound too good to be true? Not so. Not with the RushCard Prepaid VISA® Debit Card, a card that allows you to control how much it carries, and how much you spend. When you apply, your approval is guaranteed, as long as you are over 18 and have a valid Social Security Number. There is no credit check required.

And it’s really catching on. Over two million Americans have acquired the RushCard and can now make cashless payments in person, by telephone, or online, without the interest payments, the debt, or the worries that come with a credit card.

It’s no gimmick. RushCard was created by entrepreneur and philanthropist Russell Simmons as a financial tool for those who couldn’t or didn’t want to get a credit card. As Mr Simmons said, “These days you’ve got to have plastic in your wallet. We created RushCard so that everyone will have access to the American dream”.

Convenience and Security

With the RushCard you can only spend what you put on the card, so you will never be pay interest or NSF fees. And you add money to your card whenever you want – automatically with direct deposit of your paycheck or government benefits, in-person at over 40,000 MoneyGram® locations, or by check or money order. Much like a prepaid phone card, you can only spend the money you deposit onto the card. You can use it everywhere VISA® debit cards are accepted: in stores, restaurants, to rent a car, stay in a hotel or to get cash from an ATM, and you don’t need a bank account! You create your own PIN. It’s easy, convenient, and it’s secure.

Also a Smart Way to Save You Money

1) By avoiding hidden fees and interest. You can have your paycheck, tax refund, or government benefits directly deposited onto your RushCard and you will never have to pay costly check cashing fees, overdraft penalties or interest payments again.

2) By tracking spending. You have instant access to your balance, deposit and spending information online or on your mobile phone, and you can download your monthly statement online.

3) By helping you budget. You don’t have to hold onto receipts or manage complicated spreadsheets – RushCard provides easy to use online money tools that help you establish budgets, track exactly how much you are spending, and alert you when you are reaching a budget limit or have a regular bill payment coming up.

Use the RushCard to Build Your Credit Rating

The RushCard is also a great tool for people who can’t get a credit card because of a bad credit history. It comes with an optional service that helps build a positive credit rating by reporting the regular bill payments you make with your card to participating credit reporting agencies. In fact, RushCard is the only Prepaid Card that reports to multiple credit reporting agencies.

For people who can’t or don’t want to use a credit card, this is a solution that makes a lot of sense. We wanted to find out why hundreds of thousands of Americans have turned to the RushCard.

Here is some of what we heard from RushCard users……..

What are people saying about the RushCard Prepaid VISA® Debit Card ?

With already two million Americans using the RushCard as an alternative to a credit card, it’s no surprise that we’ve heard many good reasons for their choice.

“I appreciate that RushCard serves the “forgotten public customer.” Once you can’t get a bank account you’re considered worthless. Now I use my RushCard for everything… It’s my primary bank card, even though I now have a bank account.” Dan G.

“There wasn’t a credit check and there was no deposit requirement. Having my RushCard has really helped me.” Cynthia W.

“My RushCard has been a great help to manage all my money. What I like about RushCard is that I can monitor how much money I use.” Julian W.

“RushCard has been a great help because I can pay all my bills with it. I can use it to order things from the TV or online, since it is safe. It saves me a trip to the store so I can use my time for something else. I can pay my bills online, so it is faster too.” Mona B.

“RushCard has great customer service – no matter how complicated the question, they’re always really nice and helpful.” Jamil B.

“I’m a student, and I decided to get a RushCard because the fees of those check cashing businesses were ridiculous. I wanted to save money for my family and my kids, so RushCard was the best option.” Nicole J.

“I really like my RushCard because it helps me to better manage my money. I use it for everything in my day to day activities, to buy food, clothing, gas, pay bills online, etc. You can manage all your activities online and control what you spend.” Sarah H.

The RushCard Prepaid VISA® Debit Card is making life so much easier for so many people who previously couldn’t get a credit card. It is also a great option for those who already have high credit card debts or have had their credit limit reduced.

The RushCard can change your life too, with the convenience of a credit card, and the worldwide acceptance of VISA, but without the worry of hidden fees, interest payments or overspending. And if you have a valid social security number you’re automatically approved.

Yes. A lot of great reasons to get the RushCard Prepaid VISA® Debit Card. Be smart. Look into it today.

To find out how RushCard can help you manage your money better, visit now or call 1-866-RUSH-271.