Celebrity News

Celebrity News

In honor of World Candle Month, we're highlighting 11 inviting and soothing candles to jumpstart the fall season.

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers and the WGA made a preliminary deal on Sunday.

Household brand Vaseline launched their Radiant X collection just in time for the fall season.

A burger is just a burger. But add a slice of cheese, and now we've got something to celebrate. Grab the change in your pocket and chow down for cheap today.

Congratulations to 19 year old Coco Gauff who has just won the US Open Women's Final for her first Grand Slam Title!

Bags can make or break a look, and our job is to ensure that your fall attire is equipped with the perfect tote.

Here are 6 protective styles celeb hairstylist Ashanti Lotion and published hairstylist Jachelle Whiting believe should be in your cool-weather lineup.

Barker's iconic 35-year run on "The Price is Right" made him a familiar face to generations of daytime tv fans.

We love to see it. Sha'Carri is a world champion. Congratulations on winning the 100M world track and field championship race.

20 years to the date, Jennifer Hudson acknowledges the 'American Idol' audition that launched the EGOT winner's career.