I was watching the local news Sunday morning in Atlanta and I came across a story which I found frustrating and inspirational. The story dealt with children turning to weight loss surgery to lose excessive amounts of weight.  The story mentioned that Georgia is ranked second in the country to Mississippi for child obesity.

Hello Elev8, I put together another circuit program. This program is a total body circuit with an emphasis on the butt, abs and hamstrings. Butt and abs seem to be the most popular body parts people want to work on. I also notice readers want something short and to the point.This circuit last about 5 […]

Hello everyone, my 24 Day Fitness Challenge ended last Friday and the results are in. I have my new body weight and body composition numbers. I will reveal those numbers later. I first want to thank everyone that made this fitness challenge possible. Special thanks to Natalie Sanchez and Dr. Christopher Westland, most likely I […]

Hello everyone I am about half way through my fitness challenge. I can honestly say I’m starting to see changes. I’m starting to lose fat! I have co-workers telling me I’m starting to “lean out.” I can see it when I look in the mirror especially in the mornings.

Via: CNN.com The median net worth of Black Americans is $28,000. Compared that to $140,000 for the median household nationwide. Black Americans must learn to pass wealth onto their kids by learning to invest and make responsible financial planning choices. Financial literacy is extremely important and necessary. It’s a way of life. Click here to […]

Sickle Cell Anemia is a serious disease that affects African-Americans mainly.  The disease is most common in families that hail from Africa, South or Central America, Caribbean Islands, Mediterranean countries, India and South Arabia.

Well elev8.com it’s time for another circuit.  When our players report to camp overweight the first thing we do is introduce them to circuit training. One of my favorite forms of circuit training is Dumbbell Complex Training or Dumbbell Circuit Training. I like DB Circuit training because you don’t need a lot of resistance, which […]