Affect. What kind of affect do you have on people? Do you make them feel comfortable when around you or nervous? Does their face brighten…

College is a new experience for so many of these kids. Parents who have done their best to provide a strong faith foundation end up anxiously wondering if their kids will keep the values taught to them, or continue going to service, or if they’ll give up their faith. This comes back to me every […]

Dreams are what keep the human spirit alive. If you do not have a dream your spirit wains and will die. How many times have you looked at someone doing something with a wish in your heart to do the same.?  You are never too old to embrace a dream. Dreams are what keep us […]

Our homes are shelter from the storms. If there is chaos and unrest in your home, begin with this prayer when you return tonight.  Our homes are the place in which we regroup rest and find peace. It is within the walls we find the ability to recharge our batteries from the day’s demands. A […]

We all want to think positive. No one wants to be that person that people run away from. We all want to love lives that can be reflective of what we wish to do in our lives. Joy, happiness, and forward thinking should be your mantra. If we are creatures of a loving God why […]

You cannot expect others to love you if you do not love yourself. It sounds simple. It really is the root cause of why people have as many problems as they do in this world. They do not express the love that God gave them within themselves.  If we look at why there is such […]

The world tries to weigh us down but we need to embrace happiness and agree to be happy. the ability to be happy or find happiness comes from embracing love. Love What is love?” Is this a question that needs an answer? Are Christians confronted with this question? Christians not only want to know what […]

Each day brings a new beginning. It’s a fresh start to possibilities for each of us. What we do with the things that cross our path is exclusively up to us. How we handle the bumps in the road is what defines us as people. There will always be bumps in the road. It is […]

After viewing the  fight videos of Teen Mom  Janelle and the fist fight on the subway, I am left with a question. Do we instantly go  from zero to revenge and avenge in thirty seconds? Revenge does not serve any proper survival role. The original harm is already done. Revenge will not undo it Revenge […]

There  is a point in our lives when we decide that we just must embrace happiness and joy. That comes with great price and sacrifice to get there.Joy can make one feel good – but the emotion that joy may produce is not joy itself. There is an element in joy that is a yearning […]