The St. Jude legacy is grounded by their mission as we celebrate the past 60 years and many more to come.

Via Foxbaltimore.com  Mt.Vernon got a treat last night. The 41st annual lighting of the Washington Monument in downtown Baltimore brought out thousands. There was plenty holiday spirit as locals showed up for this annual tradition. Read More.  Pedestrian Deaths Are Increasing In Maryland 3 Tips To Be Less Stressed This Holiday Season Mary Mary Talk About […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com On Tuesday morning, a 13-year-old girl ran away from protective services after first running away from home on November 15th. Sarah Matthews is said to be running away with a man in his mid-twenties. Her family say that her life is in danger. Read More.  Grandmother Wins 2 Million By Accident… How?[Video] Mary […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com  For many years a mystery man could be seen walking and cleaning the streets of Annapolis Maryland. Most people call him “The Walking Man”  Until, recently the city of Annapolis was unaware of who this mystery man actually was. But not anymore. Shockingly he has more Facebook friends that most of us. How? […]

Via Foxbaltimore.com  Baltimore City is paying out millions to Baltimore City workers in workers compensation. The city of Baltimore said that the number of claims are high because of the high level of risk involved with city  jobs. A Maryland lawyer is doing research and collecting data he reveals in his book,’ The Comp Pinkbook’. Read More. […]

Via Fox Baltimore The Department of Public Works said a water main break in Northeast Baltimore caused city residents to be without water this morning. Read full story here.

Via FoxBaltimore.com Leaders of the Baltimore City Police Union propose  a new strategy to clean up the city streets and lower crime. In a 15 page report, the Fraternal Order of Police identifies areas of weakness within the department, which include the overall educational background of their officers. As reported on Fox Baltimore,  FOP says the […]

Via FoxBaltimore.com Vacant homes line the street, including one where police say a man raped a 13-year-old girl. “That placed stayed open for the longest time. They only nailed it up when the child got raped,” said Ellen Jacobs, a senior citizen whose building is across the street. Today the house has been refurbished. A […]