The St. Jude legacy is grounded by their mission as we celebrate the past 60 years and many more to come.

Hillary Clinton is a lawyer, a philanthropist, an advocate for women’s rights, a former First Lady of the United States, the first American First Lady to be elected to the U.S. senate and the first woman to win a major party’s nomination in the race for the presidential seat. Hillary reveals where her inspiration and […]

Via Elev8.com Elev8.com Dubbed “The Professor”, Gospel Music Veteran James Hall and Worship & Praise return with a remake of their biggest hit “God Is In Control II” from his new album entitled “Trip Down Memory Lane”. Read full story here.

Via Elev8.com Dwayne Wade recently referred to Gabrielle Union as his family and is sure she will be around for long-term. He may have banned her from the Heat’s court-side seats thanks to her sass, but apparently Gabrielle Union is never far from Dwyane Wade’s thoughts. Will we soon hear wedding bells? Peep the video below and […]

Via Elev8.com Jessica Reedy releases the official video for her latest single,“Something Out Of Nothing.” The song is from her debut album From The Heart, which is in stores now. Check out Jessica Reedy’s new video ”Something Out Of Nothing,” Read Full Story Here. <body bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” leftmargin=”0″ topmargin=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″> <!– Save for Web Slices (Untitled-1) –> <table id=”Table_01″ width=”600″ […]

n efforts to remember the lighter things of the year, Yahoo Studio producers Allison Louie-Garcia, Jennie Josephson, Brad Williams, Katie M. Best and John Adams, offered a heart warming video that has touched thousands.

Have you ever felt like the world is too noisy? The sound of your phone and cars  become overwhelming to your ears.  You find the light is too bright.  There are too  many people are calling your name or texting you? If you have felt that feeling that is that internal voice inside of you […]

Lately, I have been becoming bored with the regular routine. While most of the time it’s nice to repeat the same actions day in and day out, as it creates a pattern and comfort, there are times when these consistencies become monotonous. For the past two years, I have ordered the same flavored latte from […]

We must learn to appreciate who we are. It is when we do that we embrace our full potential. You Are Magnificent Just Because You Are! Instructions: Record yourself saying these words and then gently close your eyes and play it back to yourself. How To Win On A First Interview And Get The Second […]