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Golfer Sergio Garcia (pictured left) made a racial remark about Tiger Woods (pictured right) during the European Tour awards dinner, and after initially saying he would not…

Tiger Woods did not shine like he has in the past at the greatest golf event of the year, the Masters Tournament. Tiger has been humbled once again. Even though we may not have been huge golf fans, we have rallied around the triumphs and trials of this ethnically mixed black man. Related article: Does […]

A website promising a Tiger Woods sex tape has surfaced, marking some virgin territory in the fallen golf legend’s cheating scandal.

Unfortunately Tiger Woods is back in the news, or should I say his nosey neighbor is. And he has the nerve to try to cash in on the unfortunate events of Tiger and Elin’s marriage. Jerome “Jay” Adams, Tiger’s next door neighbor, launched the website behindthegates.com and visitors would be able to hear detailed personal […]

Tiger Woods announced today that he will take a break from golf as a result of a neck injury and isn’t sure when he will return. He claims that the injury has been troublesome since last month’s Masters. After an MRI taken of his neck this week, Woods sounded cautious.

After the media frenzy that surrounded Tiger Woods‘ car accident and alleged affairs, he finally speaks publicly to a select group of friends, colleagues and associates at PGA headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Here’s What He Had To Say According to CNN.com, a statement on Woods’ Web site elaborated: “While Tiger feels that what […]

By now you’ve surely heard that Tiger Woods cheated on his (white) wife with a parade of other (white) women. A new mistress or two seems to pop up every day, so the golfer’s infidelity has ceased to be the surprising news. No, what surprised us here at NewsOne is that apparently, Black people are […]

From the NY Post: The first woman named in the Tiger Woods mistress scandal, who had previously denied any affairs with the golfer, now says she did in fact have a sexual relationship with him — and that her text messages set his wife flying into an angry rage the night of his crash. Rachel […]