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This week’s Village Voice’s cover story by writer Steven Thrasher entitled White America Has Lost Its Mind, has received numerous responses from angry readers. Thrasher’s informative essay aimed to criticize various White figures who have made moronic or racist gaffes (i.e Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck). Instead the article was interpreted as a racist diatribe against whites, and consequently led to numerous racially motivated hate letters.

The Village Voice has publicly shared the readers responses. Many are extremely vulgar as well as racist.

One reader writes:

You racist f—. Like to use the term white boy a lot huh? Well how about this black boy…. go f— yourself.

Another reader writes:

You and your party are about a month away from getting the ass kicking your father should have given you had he been interested enough in his kids to have been around.

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