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Baltimore’s Spirit 1400AM was invited on the set of Gail Holmes‘ photo shoot with world-renowned photographer Roy Cox. Originally Gail was a bundle of nerves attempting to get the perfect pose for her shots until Cox suggested “I Receive Your Love” to be placed in the cd player and the rest was history. It was like witnessing a LIVE performance in the midst of a photo shoot. Gail immediately released the nerves and her shots came alive. She is truly anointed.

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Gospel artist Gail Holmes, of Habakkuk Music Inc. is placing the finishing touches on her debut album, I Receive Your Love,scheduled to be released in March 2011. Gail says, “It is my desire to provide an outpouring of God’s love to inspire others of all cultures and generations to seek after and experience that love.” “Above All Else” and“I Receive Your Love,” featured on the debut release, are strong reminders of God’s love, what it is and what it looks like. “Whatever It Is,” has become an anthem to many that need uplifting and encouragement. Make sure to request the single at your local gospel station.

In a recent interview with the publication “The Examiner” Holmes was asked, what would be your life’s theme song? Her reply was this “Lost, Found, and Now Free! I was lost and miserable trying to fill a void in my life with everything except the right thing. I was basically living without purpose or conviction. When I gave my life to Jesus things began to change…my thinking changed and so much more. Now that I know who I am and who He is I am free to be the ‘me’ that He created me to be. My life has meaning and it’s all wrapped up in God’s plan and His purpose.”

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