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I was watching the local news Sunday morning in Atlanta and I came across a story which I found frustrating and inspirational. The story dealt with children turning to weight loss surgery to lose excessive amounts of weight.  The story mentioned that Georgia is ranked second in the country to Mississippi for child obesity.

The story also stated that one in three children in Georgia is obese.  The story focuses on one particular teen that received gastric sleeve surgery, which basically reduces the size of the stomach. In the first month the teen lost 30lbs and now has lost 70lbs overall. For the teen this is great news. What saddens me is the mother in this particular case.  The mother is obese and in my opinion is not taking accountability for her own situation.

The mother mentions how eating junk food is an addiction.  Now, I am not a Doctor or Nutritionist. I also cannot say if the mother took action to deal with her addiction or not.  What I will do is ask a question. Where is the self accountability?  We live in a society in which a word can justify any action. Having an addiction makes things ok these days. I think that’s a joke.  I feel we all have issues and we choose to deal with them or we let them be. I guess at this point people might be asking who am I to judge this mother or anyone else . My answer to this question is it’s not about judging. The Health section of is dedicated to empowering people to take action. To take action we must all look into the mirror acknowledge our problems and then take action. Taking action can be educating yourself, hiring a professional to help you address your needs or surrounding yourself with like minded people that want to make a change.  In this case gastric sleeve surgery might be the change this child needs.  My point is let’s stop focusing on the words like  addiction. Let’s focus on taking action.

In my opinion the second child that is featured in this story displays the ideal way to address the problem of child obesity . You will see the father taking accountability for not making the correct decisions regarding his child’s eating habits and taking action. He also mentions how parents need to stop “burying their heads in the sand” and take action regarding their child’s health. Once again, it looks like surgery was the best answer for the first child.  What I see lacking is the mother making a change in her life. Helping her child to make a change is a tremendous act. What if the mother isn’t here to see all these changes? All I can say is let’s encourage each other, be positive ,yet honest, educate and help someone in need to make a change. The video link is listed below.

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