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Nathaniel Lindein, a crack-addled burglar accused of robbing nearly a dozen Bronx churches says he broke into the poor box as revenge for the child sex scandal that has rocked the Catholic Church.

“I am angry at the church for molesting children,” Nathaniel Linden, 51, told cops who caught him robbing St. Philip Neri Church on the Grand Concourse Sunday.

“That’s why I started going after churches. Idon’t case them out,” he said. “I just walk by and get angry.”

Linden waxed theological with detectives looking to link him to other church robberies, according to court papers filed in the Bronx.

“How could (God) let this happen?” he said of the sex abuse scandal that has drawn an extraordinary series of apologies from Pope Benedict. “How can there be a God?”

Linden also told cops he became “angry at God” after witnessing his mother’s murder and having a “miserable” childhood in foster care, sources said.

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