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Have you ever had an encounter that turned into a lifetime of friendship? Or how about think of a loved one to instantly have the phone ring with your mother on the other end just wanting to hear your voice? These are not coincidences; they’re thoughts attached to emotions which affect everything you do. Many of us consistently miss out on adventures and life changing experiences, quickly dismissing these instances as mere coincidences. Living in the life of ‘Flow’ is much more an art-form than any inattentive notion The Power Of Flow, by Charlene Belitz & Meg Lundstrom, reveals practical ways to transform your life with meaningful coincidences. They accredit the Power of Flow to distinct attributes or traits that most of us already possess. In this article, I’ve highlighted a few of these traits so that you may bring in your 2011 with a heightened sense of awareness.


Become brutally honest with yourself and others, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel. We pursue the truth because we know it will set us free. When we don’t have to lie, we don’t have to think. Real honesty, or the true source of approval comes from within. First be true to yourself. Authenticity invites trust, and trust opens doors.


Be passionate about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Flow is powered by our passions. When we’re passionate we let go of self-protective caution and immerse ourselves in the moment. By indulging in the things about which we are passionate, whether a job, a relationship, or an idea, we begin to notice changes in our lives, and a life of flow begins.


We must not hang onto thoughts of the past; nor should we dwell on trying to control how things will turn out. Instead, try focusing your full attention on each and every interaction. Become fully engaged in everything you do. This will not only make it easier to notice meaningful coincidences coming our way, but it will also make life exponentially more exciting.


When we think positively, we seek value in every opportunity. We are not fault-finders, but fact-finders even in the worst of situations. When we believe everything happens for a reason, the fault doesn’t matter. Be aware of bad situations and negative thoughts, but don’t dwell on them. Avert your attention to what must change for the better of the situation. Understand and learn from the people we meet rather than place fault or blame.


Trust might be the most important trait for the development of flow into your life. Trust allows us to move forward without the fear of uncertainty. When we trust, we are open to whatever is before us; this leaves infinite room for opportunity. Without haste or hesitation, we embrace the world, willing to risk everything, challenging life’s possibilities.

To read more about The Power Of Flow and the Nine Attributes that create power, Click Here to check out the book!

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