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The Grammy Awards  2012 will  change the look for next year’s awards. They now will not distinguish between male and female.  Here is a look at what the categories will be.

Here is a look at what the categories will be.

Best Gospel Performance Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance
Best Gospel Song Best Gospel Song
Best Rock Or Rap Gospel Album Best Contemporary Christian Music Song
Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album Best Gospel Album
Best Southern, Country Or Bluegrass Gospel Album Best Contemporary Christian Music Album
Best Traditional Gospel Album
Best Contemporary R&B Gospel Album

With the categories  of “Traditional” and “Best R&B” removed there will be a loss of  understanding of distinction.   Choirs who are considered traditional, will no longer be  judged against peers but against other performers. Unfortunately, I believe this means that artists who fall exclusively into one category or another will lose. Traditional gospel may not appeal to mass audiences, but can produce excellent albums. Surely, the musical powers that be  will grasp that not all things are the same. I have very little faith in the fact that this is true . People who sing  traditional arrangements will not be given as much attention as it is not as commercial as the song that is a crossover hit.  Contemporary Christian will be a catch all for Gospel and that will change the landscape. It will make the assumption that “one size fits all”.

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