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Superstar soul singer Karyn White was always going to be a Star.She knew it when she tasted the success of landing a song (“Automatic Passion”) on Stephanie Mills’ self-titled 1985 album.

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Even though Karyn White would be best known for her hit “(I’m not your) Superwoman,” she really is. She’s been her own super-woman, her own driving force, her own motivator for her entire life and it’s the results, not her words, that tell you so. Her new stage in life is delivering a message to young women about survival and having the wisdom to know you can get out.

E8:You were associated with “singing “I’m not your Superwoman” for so long what inspired you to take on this domestic abuse in “Sista Sista”?

Karyn White: The reason for Sista Sista is that I have always spoken to women and spoken about women’s issues with women. Please keep in mind that my songs are never intended to bash or batter men, and this song is no different; but, Sista Sista is for my ladies!

E8:What do you want women to take away from the new “Sista Sista”?

Karyn White:I want women to really look at themselves, as opposed to looking at others, point at themselves in the mirror and work on fixing themselves, instead of putting the blame elsewhere. Sometimes the way to help other women isn’t to just agree with them – it’s setting them on the right path. So, sometimes, instead of walking away, they should stay in there and fight the good fight, not giving up on the relationship so quickly. It’s all about empowerment and strength!

The greatest part of the new Karyn White is that all of her— businesswoman, interior designer, real estate investor/builder and award-winning vocalist— can come together to form “Karyn’s World.” ( The site will be her exclusive online presence that will be the place to not only find her music and performances, but the online site will house a reality show, her branded materials, including home goods and other materials.  Working with independent music mogul, lecturer, author and radio host Jay King, Karyn White is shaping her worth and is excited about being vibrant enough to appreciate it and clear enough to enjoy it.  “I’m so much more prepared for ‘SUPERWOMAN’ as a grown woman than I was as the young woman.  I’ve lived. I became a grown woman and I love women and I just want them to win!”  Karyn White is not just your superwoman, but she’s trying to help build superwomen with her message that hard work will help you reclaim your joy and rediscover your passion!

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