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While they may differ on foreign policy, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney have formed a strategic alliance. Reports claim that Mitt Romney’s aids are in close contact with Ron Paul and that the two campaigns coordinate events with each other.

Paul has a strong following but is unlikely to win the nomination and Romney is hoping that Paul supporters will help him defeat President Barack Obama in the upcoming election.

The Washington Post reports:

The Romney-Paul alliance is more than a curious connection. It is a strategic partnership: for Paul, an opportunity to gain a seat at the table if his long-shot bid for the presidency fails; for Romney, a chance to gain support from one of the most vibrant subgroups within the Republican Party.

Romney’s aides are “quietly in touch with Ron Paul,” according to a Republican adviser who is in contact with the Romney campaign and spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss its internal thinking. The two campaigns have coordinated on minor things, the adviser said — even small details, such as staggering the timing of each candidate’s appearance on television the night of the New Hampshire primary for maximum effect.

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