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We tend to think that white people, regardless of class, have access to everything and fit every stereotype known to man. But The Washington Post says some of your assumptions may be wrong.


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You think working-class whites are more religious than upper-class whites? Or do you feel white people are being “birth out” of irrelevance because of the U.S.’s rising minority population?  Things are not what they seem to be:

For decades, trends in American life have usually been analyzed through the prism of race, with white Americans serving as the reference point — comparing black unemployment with white unemployment, for instance, or the percentage of Latino high school students who go on to college compared with white students. Those comparisons are illuminating, but they neglect how that reference point itself is changing. Our understanding of white America is subject to a number of outdated assumptions that need rethinking.

For more on this story, go to The Washington Post.

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