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A Parma, Ohio, man was stabbed by his friend just an hour before the New Year rang in 2012 because he learned that songstress Beyonce was married to rapper Jay-Z.

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Friends Mark E. Kozelka and Ronald Deavers (pictured below) got into a heated discussion about the marital status of the superstar diva while watching music videos.  According to a police report, Deavers, 31, became irrational when Kozelka, 48, broke the news to him that Beyonce was in fact married to Jay-Z.

Parma Police Detective Marty Compton then says Deavers exploded into a rage:

Both males then faced off during the heated argument, Deavers pulled out a knife and stabbed Kozelka in his left side.

Two witnesses, Jennifer Lee Fornari and Anthony Butler, ended up transporting the victim to a local hospital. Detective Compton added that when police were called to the scene and tried to question Fornari about the incident, the woman told them that Deavers was not in the apartment and that he left the premises.  According to Detective Compton, the 31-year-old woman allegedly tried to stall police while Deavers climbed out of a rear bedroom window to escape:

The officers heard a disturbance coming from the back of the apartment, went to investigate and saw that the window was open,” said Detective Compton.  Officers then tried to take Fornari into custody but she put up a scuffle.  Fornari was eventually cuffed and charged with obstruction of justice and resisting arrest.

Deavers was caught wandering not far from the scene of the crime.  Police apprehended, arrested, and charged Deavers with felonious assault.

Kozelka, a handyman, received severe lacerations, internal injuries, and underwent surgery.  He remains hospitalized and is in stable condition.


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