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Contributed by Duane Williams, Jr.

Have you ever experienced pain before? I am not talking about physical pain from working out or having surgery. But I’m speaking of the pain of loss and feeling like no one cares.

Who Is Young, Black, Single And Christian’s Duane Williams, Jr.

I was about 15-years-old and lost the most important man in my life, my Dad. I remember it as if it was yesterday. When my mom got the call from the hospital about my Dad going to be with God, it felt like someone had just stolen something I loved the most. I fell into a place of confusion. Church taught me that God would never put more on you thank you can bear. But I felt in this moment that God put a lot on me that I could not bear. I could not comprehend and felt uneasy about what path I would walk.

I remember questioning God. “Why would you take someone that I need right now? Who is suppose to teach me how love, cut the grass, be a provider, see me have my first child, teach me how to be a man? Why!”

I can recall that for several years my perspective of church and God was different. It wasn’t until I was about 20-years-old when God spoke to me and said that God will provide everything that I need.

At this point I started to realize that the devil wanted to do what the bible declares in John 10:10 ” the thief comfy not, but to steal, kill, and destroy, but Christ came for you to have life.”

We must be vigilant that a thief will try and steal your mind because when he steals your mind, he will steal your purpose in life ultimately destroying your relationship with God. The devil plotted on manipulating my pain in an effort to destroy me and my relationship with Christ.

The bible also declares in Psalms 25:18, “look upon mine affliction and my pain; and forgive all my sins.”

Do you realize that your pain can cause you to sin and turn your back on the love of God. Pain will keep you from forgiving, loving, or being at your full potential with God.

My mom probably never understood what I was battling eternally. As a teenager we mask our true feelings with the fear of being rejected or chastised, but the pain was real.

I would like to encourage someone that may be reading this that this pain is not the end of your life, not the end of your purpose, nor is it the end of you. Don’t use your pain to turn your back on God but use it as an opportunity to grow with God.

The bible says in Matthew 5:4 ” blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.” God expects us to mourn when in pain but the word says for us to be still in that moment because he will comfort us.

So today know that God is comforting those who are hurt. He is wrapping his loving arms around you and is dealing with the pain that lays dormant in your mind, heart, and soul. He is restoring you. Let him heal the pain.

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