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Contributed by Duane Williams, Jr.

Have you ever desired something so bad that you would go to any measure to get it?

So many people desire love and a relationship with another person but lose themselves in the process.

The bible tells us, “Delight thyself also in the Lord ; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” (Psalms 37:4 KJV)

We must realize that we must first must seek and find God and what he wants from us. That’s how we delight ourselves in him. Chasing after Christ is our number one desire. Everything that we do should follow Christ.

It’s almost like when you go to work and work hard everyday to get a paycheck. When we delight ourselves in him, he will reward you with what u desire in your heart.

As a single man I can admit that being alone is not the easiest thing. Many times we as people want to be in a relationship so bad that we miss what God wants.

For example, when we were kids we wanted the latest and greatest expensive toys and gadgets for Christmas. At times Mommy or Daddy wouldn’t get it because didn’t think you weren’t mature enough to care for such an expensive toy.

God is the same way. Why would our Father give you something that you are not ready for.

So if your looking for love, true love, making it happen yourself is not the way.

For the bible declares, “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” (Proverbs 3:6 KJV)

God is ready to give you the kind of love you need but first you have to follow Christ. You can’t find love in the club, dating sites, etc., but you can find it in Jesus.

Where will you look for love?

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