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9. Woman vs. Diddy

As the top earning Hip-Hop artist in the history of the art, Diddy is a regular in the courtroom. In 2011, an obviously disturbed Valerie Joyce Wilson Turks attempted to sue the original Bad Boy for a ridiculous $1 trillion, alleging that Diddy aided and abetted in the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks, costing her lost wages. If that rope wasn’t enough, Turks tried to pull a cowboy move, adding that BIG’s mentor tried to cause bodily harm to her and Diddy’s love child, Turks’ 23-year-old son Cornelius Wilson. This case was scheduled for January 31, 2011, but that’s the last that was heard of the trillion-dollar mystery. If she did get paid, we’d never know. Take that, take that.

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