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7. C. Delores Tucker vs. 2pac

One of Hip Hop’s most colorful opponents was none other than the late C. Delores Tucker. Everyone from KRS-One to Eminem took shots at the outspoken NAACP board member, but Ms. Tucker and her civil rights crony crew had their sights set on Mr. Tupac Shakur. It’s no secret that ‘Pac called out Tucker several times, but the National Political Congress For Black Women chair refused to wave the white flag even after the slain rapper’s death, filing a $10 million lawsuit against the Shakur estate, claiming that” lewd remarks about her caused her so much stress, that her and her husband have not been able to have sex.” Tucker’s suit, taken all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, was dismissed, according to judges at various points, largely because she was deemed to be a public figure and therefore must prove that malicious lyrics were written, knowing in advance that they would damage her reputation.

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