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With Nelson Mandela’s life and legacy in movies, such as the latest release, “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom,” it might be easy for tempting to portray Nelson Mandela as the perfect picture, but we all know that there is more to his story than is told in certain media.

Roland Martin and his panel discussed the “Santa Clausation” of Mandela on NewsOne Now. “It is as if, ‘Oh, he was in jail for 27 years,’” Martin stated, “‘and when he got out, all was well.’ There was a struggle going on during those 27 years! Something was happening.”

Why the effort to ignore the decades-long struggle in South Africa before his release? And why the effort to whitewash or discount his history as a revolutionary? Those who merely portray Mandela as a peaceful elder statesman ignore his legacy as a revolutionary and the struggle for freedom itself.

Watch to the entire exchange below. 

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