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Sherri Shepherd, like many other mothers, has a love affair with Christmas. Her holiday spirit shines through in her festive celebrations, her elaborate costumes and the joy she gets from giving gifts to those she loves.

#TeamBeautiful got a chance to catch up with “The View” star and she revealed how she felt when she realized there was no Santa, how her son embraces Jesus more than Santa and the biggest gift she’s ever received. Check out our chat below!

HelloBeautiful: When did you find out that there was no Santa? How did you react to that?

Sherri Shepherd: Just now and I’m upset, no [laughs]. When did I find out that there was no Santa–probably when I was really very, very young, but I still chose to believe that there was something greater that was happening around this time of year that made people act a certain way.

HB: Did you ever have a sighting?

SS: My parents always said–I mean I actually believed them when the toys were there, that Santa brought them, because they said so. One day, I opened the closet that they always told me to never go in and my Baby That Away (it was that baby that crawled) was in there and I was like, “Ma, what’s this? Santa’s not here?’ She was like, “Get out that door, close the closet,” and it was that same Baby That Away that I saw on Christmas and thought, “We got two!” So I was looking at my mom to see what she was going to say. I’ll never forget that.

HB: Does your eight-year-old son, Jeffery know there’s no Santa?

SS: You, I really haven’t told him. We talk to Jeffrey more about Jesus than Santa. I feel bad, because [to him], it’s whatever. He’s like just give me my video game. I don’t care who gets it, you, Santa, Jesus. Just as long as it’s under that tree!

HB: What do you think is your biggest gift as a mother?

SS: Well, Jeffrey’s my biggest gift because I was pregnant with him right before Christmas and I’m very grateful for him. I’m grateful for my great husband–I’ve got a great family, I love my job, I’m grateful.

What are you grateful for?

Check out Sherri Shepherd’s Festive Holiday!

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