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dear god

Dear God: Thank you for the family you chose for me, the situations, circumstances and events you have ordained for my life.

No matter what is happening in your life, it is a direct result of one of three things:

1) What you or your family has sown.

2) What God has allowed you to become.

3) A combination of both.

In any event, where we stand today, does not limit where we can go tomorrow.

In order to change the course of events in our lives two things needs to happen:

1) We need to change our speech.

2) Quite simply, we need to change our lives.

But, first we need to CHOOSE to do something different.

What will you decide to do RIGHT NOW, that will impact your FOREVER?

What will you STOP, so that other things can START?

What will you START, the moment you STOP some things?

What will you FINISH today that was started before?

We don’t always exercise our right to decide.

And then when STUFF happens not of our choosing, we regret not making a decision.


Be INTENTIONAL about your life, to receive INTENTIONAL results.

Do not sit idly by and succumb to the “stuff happens” syndrome.

The truth is, whether we DO something or nothing, SOMETHING WILL happen.

Which will you CHOOSE?

Take some time TODAY and REALLY figure out where you want your life to go.

Never forget the power of your words, what you speak sparks a reaction.

We are created in the image of the one who said “let there be”.

EVERYTHING that God spoken into existing with the words “let there be” about, CONTINUES to exist and will never cease.

What have we said “let there be” to – given life to in speech lately?

Stop LETTING stuff happen and start MAKING stuff happen!

Today, determine to leave the word IF out of your vocabulary!

Every time you speak it, your are verbalizing Insufficient Faith.

Replace IF (Insufficient Faith) with WHEN – (What Happens Evolves Naturally)!

CHOOSE what happens and TRUST it to EVOLVE NATURALLY!


It’s not rocket science – God has laid out his plans in Jeremiah 29:11.

The words of Jeremiah 29:11 were for EXILES.

They were written for people who did not ALREADY have.

When you are feeling unworthy, read all of Jeremiah 29.

It’s so easy to beat ourselves up when others think we are LESS than.

Stop wallowing in Insufficent Faith.

Focus on every word of Jeremiah 29.

Allow God to reveal his DIRECT promise to you and watch what happens WHEN you CHOOSE to remove IF from your life.

What choices will you make today to effect a better tomorrow?

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