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women-networkingLauren Wesley Wilson, a Communications Strategist with MSLGROUP, saw a need amongst women in communications and that need was to authentically connect and create a space for us to network, grow and inspire one another as we all navigate through the workforce. So she created a luncheon in Washington, D.C. in May 2011 and with the incredible response from women who buzzed about the event, Wilson knew that she needed to expand her vision.

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The idea of ColorComm was born from that small invite-only luncheon and now the attendee list has grown bigger and the demand for similar luncheons and events grew as well. Wilson has recently launched Color Comm Conference, which took place in Miami’s Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne. This year marked the first conference of its kind and Wilson brought together professional women from all over the communication field, including speakers like Vanessa Bush, Soledad O’Brien, Keli Goff, Terrie Williams and more to share their tales of survival in the workplace, financial freedom, mentor relationships building and more. The result was a stunning weekend of genuine connection, invaluable networking and the beginning of strong bonds.

I recommend every professional woman, especially those of us who are in the communication field, to attend Color Comm 2015. I have already committed myself to going because of these five reasons below:

1. Meet Amazing Professionals In A Relaxed Setting

No matter how many people try to tell you different, your success is based on your talent and ambition, but a large portion of your success is also based on who you know. Meeting prestigious and professional women in a relaxed environment lends itself a higher level connection based on how you met. Imagine dancing with the CEO of Xerox, Ursula Burns on the dance floor during one of your many chances to let loose during the conference. Then imagine the next day, going up to her after she spoke on a panel and reminding her that you two danced the night away to Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman.” You guys would share a chuckle and the connection would be memorable for her, thus making a larger impact than it would otherwise.

2. Be Seen

There’s something so powerful about meeting your online contacts face to face, something that serves you and your company well in future business dealings. Connecting a face with an email is ideal, that way, anytime there are opportunities to further your career, you are thought of first because they feel as if they know you more. Also, you want to be associated with your brand. If someone mentions HelloBeautiful, I want them to think of Danielle Young immediately. That’s brand recognition and there’s power in that.

3. Get Need-To-Know Tips For Success

Many professional conferences are built on compelling and extremely successful people who serve as guest speakers and panelists. Attending these events will allow you to learn what’s going on in your industry beyond your current role, how to handle specific situations every professional deals with and will give you valuable nuggets that you can apply to your work life, immediately.

4. Renew Your Excitement About The Work You Do

Honey listen, we spend 40 hours plus a week at our desks, often typing away at the latest project. And nothing says freedom like being able to leave the desk for a lunch break or a work break disguised as a professional conference. Immersing yourself within a conference, where there are like-minded professional women is ideal for reinvigorating yourself for what you contribute to your company. It’s simple arithmetic: Work Break + Professional Women + Panels + Networking = Renewed Sense Of Professional Self.

5. Lasting Connection

Effective marketing, public relations and social media campaigns are built with strong relationships. Making connections with industry media can be invaluable. You never know when you may be able to be a resource for them, which in turn can make it easier to place stories and build buzz when you need to.

Are you convinced beauties?


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