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During a Sunday interview with ABC News, presidential candidate Donald Trump defended comments he made about Barack Obama, concluding that America will not see a Black president for quite some time due to the legacy the current Commander-In-Chief has left behind.

The comments came after Trump, who has been in the news lately for disparaging comments against Mexican immigrants and women, was asked a question about a 2014 tweet that stated there would not be a Black president for generations because of the “poor job” Obama has done.

“I think he has set a very poor standard,” Trump said. “I think that he has set a very low bar and I think it’s a shame for the African-American people.”

He continued, insisting that he would win the Black vote in 2016 because Obama “has done nothing for African-Americans.”

“You look at what’s gone on with their income levels. You look at what’s gone on with their youth. I thought that he would be a great cheerleader for this country,” Trump told ABC. I thought he’d do a fabulous job for the African-American citizens of this country. He has done nothing. They are worse now than just about ever…”

And I think that I will win the African-American vote and I think I will win the Hispanic vote.

The comments sent social media ablaze with critique that embattled White presidents have never before prevented another White president from taking office. And coming the same day Trump addressed the Black Lives Matter movement by insisting more power should be given to the police amid increasing incidents of police brutality against the Black community, it’s unlikely he’ll garner the Black vote.

From Think Progress:

“It’s a massive crisis,” Trump said on Meet the Press, when asked about the concerns of the Black Lives Matter movement. “Some horrible mistakes are made. At the same time, we have to give power back to the police, because crime is rampant.”

“But at the same time we have to give power back to the police, because we have to have law and order,” he said. “We have to give strength and power back to the police. You’re always going to have bad apples .. [but] the police have to regain some control of this crime wave and killing wave that we have in this country.”

The shocking comments didn’t seem to diminish Trump’s popularity, however. A NBC poll released Sunday revealed that he continues to be the Republican frontrunner for election 2016.

SOURCE: ABC, Think Progress | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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