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Bill Cosby‘s lawyers have released an excerpt of a deposition between Camille Cosby and Joseph Cammarata, the lawyer for seven women that accused Cosby of sexual assault as well as an attempt to assassinate their character when they shared their story with the media.

The defamed actor and comedian is currently facing felony prosecution in Pennsylvania and his lawyers want the civil lawsuit to be placed on hold in the interim.

During the deposition Camille was extremely defensive and she refused to answer many of Cammarata’s questions because she said her responses would breech spousal privilege.

Here are the details of the heated exchange via The NY Daily News.

Camille Cosby claimed under questioning by Cammarata that she never read the civil complaint Andrea Constand filed against Cosby in 2005.

She testified that the only details she knew about the case came directly from her husband and a lawyer.

She said she was aware her husband was deposed a decade ago but declined to give specifics on whether the couple discussed the testimony.  “Have you discussed your husband’s deposition testimony with your husband?” Cammarata asked Camille Cosby.

“I don’t want to answer that,” she said.  “That is communication between me and my husband,” she added.

“Okay. Well, you don’t get that privilege to just tell me … that you’re not going to answer,” the lawyer replied.

“All right, but I am telling you that that is communication between my husband and me,” she said, again claiming a marital privilege.

The report adds that, Bill Cosby wants the case put on ice, saying he can’t adequately defend himself if he has to assert his Fifth Amendment privilege to protect himself during the felony prosecution.


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