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This year’s election cycle will go down as one of the most polarizing in the history of the United States, primarily for the rhetoric Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has used in his rise to prominence.

The ongoing string of false statements, racially charged rhetoric, proclamations the election is rigged before any votes have been counted, the language used against women, and allegations of sexual misconduct have all marred the 2016 election cycle.

Speaking about the long list of offenses and lies told by the GOP presidential nominee, NewsOne Now panelist Ray Baker said on Thursday, “Mr. Trump has shown and demonstrated an unwillingness to take himself seriously and thus none of us should take him seriously – only for the sheer fact that so many millions of Americans who vote in the Republican primary have named him and deemed him their nominee.”

Baker continued his evisceration of Trump’s public persona, saying, “What Mr. Trump has also continued to do time and time again is feed his base red meat.”

“Clearly he’s feeding the audience – those we’ve labeled ALT-Right, but those of us who read know them to be White Nationalists – he’s feeding those people what it is they want to hear and it has no value for truth, has no value for veracity, and it has no value for fact,” Baker concluded.


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