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On March 8th 2017 myself Persia Nicole along with a few other of my phenomenal female radio personalities took a day off of radio to celebrate ‘International Women’s Day.’ On this day I expected it to end just like every other, but instead my day ended numb. The word numb may sound weird on such an empowering day but that’s honestly the best word to describe it and I’ll explain why later. We started our day at the Sisters Place Women’s Shelter and went on to the Catholic Charities Women’s Shelter. God…. the women were so beautiful all races, sizes, personalities they all glowed as if their insides weren’t completely crumbled.

All I could think about is well damn just yesterday I was complaining to a waiter about not having my meal the temperature I requested these women have gone days, weeks without food! I have a two year old son who is my world and who I have given the world to, these women also have young kids who have weathered a storm that I have never even thought about experiencing. When I laid on my comfy pillow at last night in my home with heat & food I began to choke on my tears in disbelief that I could ever question God through any of my minor tribulations. This left me numb but in such an empowering way because I now appreciate life more then ever and March 8th 2017 was such an empowering day that I will never forget!

To all of the women I met yesterday I adore your strength and God doesn’t make any mistakes, I know that what you have coming your way will be beyond your wildest dreams!

To all of my women who were counted out, to all of my women who were told you didn’t matter and your not beautiful I am telling you now YOU MATTER, YOU ARE GORGEOUS YOU ARE EVERYTHING!

Love Persia 


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