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Akon recently stopped by The Real and had some interesting things to say about Kanye West running for president.

The co-hosts of the talk show first inquired if Akon would run for president in 2024, especially since he considered running for 2020 president back in 2018. “That might be possible,” Akon replied to Loni Love. “I know what the issues are as a person, as an immigrant, as a Black man. Whatever you want to call it. I kind of know or feel like I know that I can take the country and move it forward.”

Akon has definitely had his hands in country development, considering his Akon Lighting Africa . initiative, which is providing solar power to African countries. He also has plans to build a new futuristic ‘Crypto city,’ in Senegal, which will trade exclusively in his own digital cash currency dubbed AKoin.

However, these credentials don’t necessarily translate to a U.S. presidency.

But anywho, Loni further brought up Kanye West to Akon, asking him if he could beat Kanye in a presidential run, considering Kanye also has plans to run in 2024.

“Well I don’t think it would be a competition, I honestly need him to run,” Akon explained. “Kanye is not crazy, he’s just been awakened. From a spiritual state, I just feel like he’s awake now. Now he’s the most amazing marketer in the world. He understands his audience, but he’s definitely not crazy, he knows what he’s doing. My thing is, if he does run, it’s great for the culture. Now if you think he’s not fit, that’s another thing, that’s why you got me as another choice.”


Mr. Akon…

It’s one thing for Kanye to be spiritually reawakened and to gush about how he’s reconnected with God at Joel Osteen‘s church.

But it’s another thing to take that and believe you can run a whole country. Especially when Kanye has constantly implied Black slavery was a choice and he supports a racist president like Donald Trump.

Whether you’re an actor, musician, activist or politicians, what are your policy goals for the country? How do they fit within the context of how issues have been handled in this country historically? And do you have the experience and wherewithal to navigate a very problematic political system that doesn’t always hold the best interest of common people…ESPECIALLY Black people.

Answering these questions would be “for the culture” Mr. Akon.

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