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HBO’s We Own This City debuted in April and it’s been keeping us talking. The six-episode miniseries is based on the true-life story of the corruption case against the city’s Gun Trace Task Force that shocked a lot of us when the details of the investigation were released.

The writers of The Wire, David Simon and George Pelecanos, returned to help the story, which had a lot of people eager to tune in. The series is based on the 2021 nonfiction book written by former Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton, “We Own This City.”  If you haven’t tuned in yet, the story is set during the public unrest following the 2015 death of Freddie Gray and follows the task force as they basically operated as their own “gang” in the city.  They conducted robberies of drug dealers, even innocent people, and would pocket the cash for themselves.

It is believed that the GTTF stole at least $300,000 (SAY WHAT?!)  and hundreds of thousands more in drugs and jewelry — all from city streets! Baltimore Rapper Young Moose even mentioned his multiple run-ins with one of the officers involved, Daniel Hersl, in one of his songs.  Click here to listen.

Honestly, this all sounds too bad to actually be true, but the sad reality is that it is true. However, it is important that the stories of those directly impacted by corruption can be heard on a large scale such as this. Baltimore is a great city, but exposing corruption is what’s necessary to make it better.

Don’t forget to tune in to join the conversation. New episodes of We Own This City are released Mondays on HBO Max.

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