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Source: The Washington Post / Getty

This past Thursday, Mayor Brandon Scott revealed his squeegee collaborative plan which will ban squeegeeing at some of the city’s more prominent and busy intersections.

The intersections apart of the ban would be:

  • President Street and Jones Falls Expressway/Interstate 83
  • Conway and Light streets
  • Mount Royal Avenue and North Avenue/Interstate 83
  • Martin Luther King Jr. and Interstate 395
  • Wabash Avenue and Northern Parkway
  • Sinclair Lane and Moravia Road

Officials said the enforcement of this ban would start on Jan. 10, 2023. After that, anyone squeegeeing in these areas would first receive a warning from police. If caught a second time, the person would receive another warning and referral for service. Strike three, the person would receive a citation.

Mayor Brandon Scott also maintained that squeegeeing is similar to panhandling which is protected under the constitution.

In addition the mayor’s office said squeegee kids who agree to stop the practice would receive financial support for up to one year. However, participating in workforce training or education is a requirement for this program and an outreach to return young squeegee kids to school.

The plan also includes a code of conduct for squeegee kids intended to allow for self-policing among the squeegee kids.

The plan would cost roughly $5 million and the city is seeking philanthropic donations and some of the funds for the squeegee plan could come from other city programs and state and federal grants.

To read more about the mayor’s plan, click here. 

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