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Mr Griffin: God’s Pace and Not My Pace

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Mr. Griffin

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So this is really just I’m I’m about to just be grateful and thankful and I’m I’m thanking God in advance for things that I don’t know that I’m working on. So I just been really going week to week about cause I I just been blessed with a lot of shows and a lot of work and haven’t even I didn’t move back to Atlanta and I only been to my own church like twice because I’m always coming home late on Sundays, my July. Is so next week I’m going to South Africa right to to submit this deal that’s happening in October and to do some shows of course. 

Just but my homeboy just reminded me Chris Maponi, one of my partners in South Africa. We are doing an international Comedy Festival in Bloom Fontaine in Bloom, and he just sent me. He was driving just now, like 10 minutes ago, and he just sent me this the first billboard. Of us doing this Comedy Festival and you know my whole thing was, well, if I go to comedy clubs and I can rent a club for the night and then, you know, doing auditioning and then bring the comedians who win the South Africa to come to my Comedy Festival and we’ll, you know. 

And then ran into Tanisha Murray, the owner of Red Velvet Bistro and grits and teas brunch. And she and I are partnering to start a comedy club August 3rd, Griffs Comedy Club in Douglasville, right here. I ain’t even know why I moved to Douglasville. For 25 years I’ve been in Atlanta. I ain’t never did nothing. Douglasville. So that’s just so random. And then October, we got the Kazi worship, which is this big Gospel festival in Johannesburg. 




And let me tell you something. I’m so grateful and thankful for God’s pace and not my pace. 



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