Civil Rights & Social Justice

A GoFundMe was started to support the teen at the center of the "Citi Bike Karen" viral incident and his family. “No one is helping us,” the teen's mother told NewsOne. "We can’t afford a lawyer.”

On the third anniversary of the murder of George Floyd civil rights leaders mourn the loss of the Black man whose death sparked a movement.

The family of Brianna Grier, the Black woman who died after falling out of a patrol vehicle has filed a lawsuit for $100 million.

Two NYPD officers were not charged for their police van hitting and killing Ronald Anthony Smith, a pedestrian. The van was speeding, ran red lights and was not being used in an emergency capacity at the time of the fatal collision.

California’s reparations task force voted to approve recommendations on compensating the descendants of Black enslaved people in the state.

Jordan Neely's chokehold killer is getting a lot of attention, but don't forget about the other two other men shown on video aiding and abetting him on the subway. Who are they, and will they be held accountable?

The identity of the man who used a deadly chokehold to kill Jordan Neely on a New York City subway train is being protected by the NPYD. But who is he? Here's everything we know about the subway vigilante.

A Republican running for senator in Ohio believes descendants of white soldiers who died in the Civil War should receive reparations.

Torrance cops Matthew Concannon and Anthony Chavez pleaded not guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the death of Christopher Deandre Mitchell.

The State of the Black World Conference V (SOBWC-V) is an upcoming event that addresses crucial issues that affect Black communities.