For a decade, Ted & Sheri were the most popular gospel duo in America. Their Memphis-trained vocals and musical sensibilities shone on their Top Ten hits such as the energetic “Celebrate” and their `70s’ throwback rendition of “Come Ye Disconsolate.” Now, the two have taken a hiatus as a duo to record solo projects. Winn’s solo debut “Balance” was recently released and debuted at #23 on the Billboard gospel album sales chart off the strength of his gospel hits “God Believes in You” and “The Lifter.”

However, the album’s closing song “Balance” has been receiving steady DJ spins at the recent Prestatyn Soul Weekender in Northern Wales. The mellow upbeat is beginning to generate buzz on both the UK British soul circuit and its sister Northern Soul scene. The latter community of listeners usually fancies obscure, up-tempo, soul songs from the 1960s such as Gloria Jones’ “Tainted Love.” Winn learned of the song’s growing popularity when a British fan sent him an email. “Receiving a message that Balance is being embraced by soul music lovers in London is amazing,” he says. “I wanted to have something on the CD for everybody but that honestly shocked me!”

In an age when most young artists are drifting from the grass roots of soul music in favor of computer-generated songs, Winn’s “Balance” comes as a rare treat for soul fans. “I wanted the song to have an authentic 70s feel,” Winn says of the tune that echoes classic Donny Hathaway or Marvin Gaye. “So with everything from the Wurlitzer to the horn arrangements, my co-producer Daniel Moore and I were quite deliberate in trying to deliver that feel.” The silky soulful track chronicles the yin and yang of everyday life. “The song was inspired by my desire to see people live in a happier and healthier state of consciousness,” says Winn. “I wanted the lyrics to detail how life is filled with opposing expression that bring balance.” For more on Ted Winn, visit or


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