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Christian fiction can sometimes become burdensome, overbearing and preachy. I didn’t find any of those things to be true in this quick paced easy read. There is an honest truthful approach to single life for those around us.

The reader meets playboy extraordinaire Darrin Bainbridge, an aspiring journalist, is living the single life on parent’s money. He has a nice apartment, revolving female partners, nice clothes and grand luxury. He is living the life of a true player breezing through life with everything he could possibly want at the snap of a finger. Ms. Warren does not sugar coat Darren’s escapades with women nor does she censor his thoughts about women. The book begins with Darrin watching his girlfriend after a night of debauchery viewing a Televangelist on TV. Darren is so insulted by her actions the morning after that he decides that he is going to seek out Bishop Kumal Prentiss and out all his secrets in the name of journalistic truth. He explains this to his parents and the battle is on as his father gives him an ultimatum. Darrin heads to Atlanta with the goal of destruction and vengeance on his mind.

When he arrives he meets Emoni Prentiss, the Bishop’s oldest and most responsible daughter. She is develops interest in Darren upon meeting him, though warning bells are him tells her she is playing with fire. As Darrin gets closer and closer to the “truth” about Bishop Prentiss, he starts to think through things. His plans now have a monkey wrench in the program.

The chapters alternate point of views between Darrin and Emoni’s perspectives, which could be a positive or negative aspect to the book, depending on how you look at it. The reader gets to understand both Darrin and Emoni and what actions are defining their relationship. It provides the female and male view in a brutally crisp method. I found both aspects entertaining and engaging.

The story moved quickly and told an interesting tale of self discovery for two adults already entrenched in their way of life. I recommend the book if you would like to read a story that discusses the fallen evolving into a child of God. I would not be shocked to see this become a movie in the near future.

Title: The Bishop’s Daughter

Author: Tiffany L. Warren

# of Pages: 286

Published: January 2009

ISBN: 978-0446195140

Rating: 4/5