I am a domestic violence victim. I’ve been cursed at, spit on, sexually assaulted by my mate, dragged down a flight of steps in public, and punched in the head. I have even been pulled out of my car and left bare foot on the side of the highway. Each time I went back. I’ve […]

Via: PraisePhilly.com It’s that time again; the autumn leaves falling from the multi-colored branches and the aroma of candied apples emerging from homes decorated in orange and black. For some, it’s such a special treat to finally approach the holiday of Halloween. Every costume store is crowded with goons and goblins holding carved jack-o-lanterns filled […]

Via Elev8.com In our theology, we believe Jesus is all-human and all-divine. What becomes interesting is that Jesus has to make a decision between two women. One owned a house; the other had no available address. One had a strong work ethic; we don’t know how long the other held a job. One sent an […]

Via ELev8 Tracy McMillan ,  a TV writer whose credits include Mad Men and The United States of Tara, relese a humorous list of reasons as to why some  women still are not married. She begins her article with proof of credibility on the topic, stating she  had been married three times.  She offers reasons such as , […]

n efforts to remember the lighter things of the year, Yahoo Studio producers Allison Louie-Garcia, Jennie Josephson, Brad Williams, Katie M. Best and John Adams, offered a heart warming video that has touched thousands.

It seems that a ton of my girlfriends are either jumping the broom or are newly engaged. Not that I am rushing anything, or being impatient and wondering what in the world is wrong with me, but I will be honest in saying why hasn’t it happened to me yet? (Well it has but not […]