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Bloody Badge and Handcuffs

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The sad reality when it comes to police brutality in America is that it simply doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, even in the digital era where everything is recorded. If anything, the cameras have only given us a clearer look into the real-life war that appears to be brewing between our people and the ones who are supposed to be out there protecting us.

The latest example of that comes by way of Jarrett Hobbs, a 41-year-old Black man from Greensboro, North Carolina that recently suffered extreme excessive force at the hands of Camden County Jail corrections officers in Woodbine.

We warn you, the following video is very graphic and should be viewed with highly-advised discretion:


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According to reports, Hobbs was arrested for speeding, driving with a suspended/revoked license and possession of a controlled substance on Sept. 3, 2022. However, his attorney Harry Daniels also noted that an assault charge was also added after being beaten by officers. Hobbs’ attorneys are asking for a criminal investigation.

More details in this startling report below, via Action News Jax:

“Daniels’ office released two surveillance videos, which do not have sound, from inside the jail. The first video shows Hobbs in a small cell, picking up a small object and what appears to be a sandwich off a bench when several officers come rushing in. The first guard puts a hand on Hobbs’ neck. Other guards come in to help restrain him, and another guard comes in and starts punching Hobbs on the top of his head.

Another video from another angle shows a corrections officer unlock the door, then several guards enter the cell. After about 35 seconds, the guards can be seen pulling Hobbs into the hallway and at least two guards can be seen striking Hobbs’ body with their knees. Daniels’ office claims that one of Hobbs’ dreadlocks was ripped from his head during the incident.”

“Mr. Hobbs entered the Camden County Jail suffering a psychological episode and asking to be placed in protective confinement,” Daniels stated in a news release, going on to boldly add, “But instead of protecting him, these deputies jumped him and beat and kicked him mercilessly like a gang of dangerous thugs.”

Although the lack of audio makes it hard to understand what could’ve provoked such a harsh reaction from the officers, the punishment just doesn’t seem to match the offense in this case.

Sound off with your thoughts on police brutality in general by letting us know over on our social platforms, and peep what a few people had to say about the case of Jarrett Hobbs specifically below:


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1. HORRIFIC! This video shows Camden County, Ga, corrections officers brutally beating Jarrett Hobbs. Camden County Sheriff’s Office must provide answers and action. These officers MUST be held accountable!

via @AttorneyCrump

2. “We can’t defund the police because the *protect* us” What about Jarrett Hobbs? What about his protection? Doesn’t that matter?

via @Jaybefaunt

3. This was hard to watch. I dont care what he did to get arrested but Jarrett Hobbs was handcuffed and got beat by the Cops. Such weak pathetic punk ass bullies these Cops are. Hope they are all thrown in jail. Black Cop should be thrown under the jail.

via @ImJustSaying824

4. I don’t want to hear no fucking excuses no matter what, Jarrett Hobbs HE DID NOT DESERVE WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM. I want all them officers in the electric chair!!!!!

via @juicyethers

5. The way my heart aches for #JarrettHobbs. That’s kind of hate and brutality cannot be reformed. White supremacy has rotted law enforcement at the root and while I don’t believe in defunding, there’s a very specific set of people that should never be allowed to wear a badge.

via @WriteAsRae

6. This happens in prisons every day and only rarely gets captured on camera. Solidarity with Jarrett Hobbs and all others who are incarcerated by the state. #FireToThePrisons


7. Prison Guards be the WORST PEOPLE!!! They be more dangerous then an inmate !! Guards work there with the pleasure of harassing , bullying , beating , and all types of things to inmates men and women and never face consequences!! jarrett Hobbs prime example

via @SadgePre

8. This isn’t getting out there nearly fast enough. Young black non-violent male brutally beaten by police while in custody. #jarretthobbs

via @casemdubzz

9. the Jarrett Hobbs video is sickening… could barely watch the whole thing these cops need to get prosecuted immediately.

via @vero_andu

10. What those 4 white officers did to Jarrett Hobbs in that facility is absolutely disgusting. Police truly are the biggest gang in The United States Of America.

via @EarfToEly