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Pumpkin Spice Latte Drink Milkshake with cream and cinnamon - world candle month

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Did you know that September is World Candle Month? That’s right; an entire month is dedicated to celebrating candles! As an avid candle lover, I am thrilled to have an excuse to burn them all month. I love how they make my home smell, and I find them very relaxing. I also enjoy the process of choosing the perfect candle for the occasion. Whether I’m looking for something to set the mood for a romantic dinner or to help me relax after a long day, there’s always a candle perfect for the job.

Candle scents transition much like the seasons. As the fruity, airy summer aromas exit stage left, the pumpkin spices and warm cinnamon smells prepare for their time to shine. And before you know it, we’ll inhale peppermint and fluffy gingerbread fragrances. Whatever your preference, there is along list of brands that set the ambiance, from packaging and scents to customization and long burn times.

In honor of World Candle Month, we’re visiting 11 candle brands that you need in your home.

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1. DW Home

DW Home is a leading U.S. candle company that brings a new aromatic flair to indoor and outdoor spaces. The family-owned brand makes gatherings and “me-time” special with its fragrant candles in various scents, including woodsy, floral, fresh, fruity, gourmand/vanilla, earthy, citrus, and tobacco/masculine. Their candles are made with high-quality ingredients and hand-poured in small batches, ensuring they are a work of art. DW Home candles are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to any home.

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2. Unplug Soy Candles

This brand takes candles to a new level as they offer customization. Unplug Soy Candles is a candle and gift shop in Fishers, Indiana, that offers 19 different scented candles with a generous 75-80 hour burn time. Each candle is handcrafted artisanal, designed, poured, and packaged with loving care. Whether you’re looking for a heartwarming and heavenly-scented gift for a loved one or a unique decoration for your home, Unplug Soy Candles has the perfect candle for you. I got a custom candle with a photo of my mom and grandma on it, so I will cherish it forever.

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3. Bee Inspired Goods Jelly Jar Soy Candles

Bee Inspired Goods Jelly Jar Soy Candles is a rustic and trendy way to add a touch of fragrance to your home. The candles are made with soy wax, a renewable and sustainable resource. They are also hand-poured in small batches, meaning each candle is unique. The Ruby Red Grapefruit candle is a best seller for a reason. It has a sweet and clean scent that will fill your home with a refreshing aroma. The candle also has a 30-hour burn time, so you can enjoy its fragrance for hours on end.

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4. Amora Design Studio


When I first opened the Namaste candle, I gasped with joy. I immediately understood why this specific candle was dubbed an aromatherapy powerhouse. Amora Design Studio offers a perfect collection of crystal intention candles cultivated with love, respect, and intention. These candles can help you create a peaceful and harmonious environment in your home. When you finish burning a candle, you will be left with a beautiful crystal keepsake. This Black-owned small business is filled with heart and purpose. Their handcrafted candles are made with all-natural soy wax, double-cotton wicks, clean scents, and high-quality essential oils. They are also free of toxins like paraffins, phthalates, and parabens.

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5. Nanor Collection

Black girls deserve luxury, and that includes candles. Nanor Collection creates candles that are luxurious, sustainable, and eco-friendly. They use premium ingredients and natural extracts to create rich, light scents that offer an intoxicating experience. Whether you want to feel like you’re taking a stroll through a garden or taking in the air of the mountains, there is a Nanor candle for you. So give yourself a reason to luxuriate!

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6. Jennifer Adams


The way this single candle had my abode smelling like heaven will never leave my memory. Jennifer Adams is an affordable luxury brand that sells resort-quality bedding, home decor, and candles. Its products are designed to create a dream-like state and offer solutions in style. The Natural Coconut Wax Candles are infused with a special blend of essences that evoke the soothing scents of nature and burn for up to 55 hours.

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7. Backyard Candles

I love this candle’s unique design. Backyard Candles fills your home with fall scents crafted from handmade coconut shell candles made with all-natural soy wax, cotton, or wood wicks. Each candle is infused with pure therapeutic-grade essential oils such as citronella and lemongrass, effectively repelling bugs. Additionally, they are eco-friendly because they are upcycled from raw coconut shells that would otherwise be discarded.

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8. Nose Best Candles

With a mission to “remix your senses” by providing you with a multi-sensory experience with each handcrafted candle, Nose Best Candles plays no games. Each candle has a curated Spotify playlist and a cocktail recipe to match each enchanting fragrance blend. So you’re covered whether you’re having a few friends over or relaxing at home. The company also cares about the environment, reusing and recycling everything they can in their production process. They hope to continue to reduce their carbon footprint as they grow. They want to make an impact on the candle industry, not on the planet.

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9. Big Ass Luxuries

If you’re looking for the ‘Most Burn For Your Buck,’ Big Ass Luxuries Candles is where it’s at. Big Ass Luxuries was created by craft-makers and entrepreneurs Trent and Chloe in their kitchen during the 2021 Great Texas Snowpocalypse. The idea was to provide light and warmth, but they quickly realized that the market needed large, long-lasting, and aromatic candles. The brand focuses on larger-than-average candles and luxury goods to complement its unique candles. They use fragrance oils mixed with all-natural, eco-friendly coconut and soy wax. Big Ass Luxuries aims to make all their products excellent from idea to creation, and they hope to become a global household name in the future.

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10. Sea Witch Botanicals

Create a cozy atmosphere by lighting an all-natural essential oil candle from Sea Witch Botanicals! Their hand-poured candles are made with natural ingredients and are scented with essential oils and plant-based waxes. Ditch the plastics and breathe in nature. Their vegan candles do not contain paraffin wax (plastics) or fragrance oils. The wide wooden wicks give a beautiful glow, while the soy candle burns evenly to the bottom. Try their unscented or essential oil-scented candles for the perfect ambiance.

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11. Magnificent 101 Aromatherapy Indoor and Outdoor Candles

It’s the sage candles for me because – yes, cleansing my space! Magnificent101 Aromatherapy Indoor and Outdoor Candles by Creative QT are made from 100% natural soy wax and essential oils and feature blank labels to fill in your intentions. They are the perfect gift for women and men and come in various scents, including Pure Sage, Orchid, and Cherry Blossom. These candles are infused with love, light, and positive energy and are designed to promote powerful affirmations and create a natural harmony in the home and body.

Creative QT is an award-winning lifestyle brand offering over 22 brands with hundreds of toys, STEM-related activities, active play, arts and crafts, storage, building blocks, baby gear, and more on their online store. They are like the Wayfair for kids.

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