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    The Essene Global Institute Holistic Hour

    The Holistic Healing Hour

    Source: Pastor JL, Sr. & Dr. Nikki Francis / Pastor JL, Sr. & Dr. Nikki Francis

    Back for our 2nd season, The Holistic Healing Hour with the Real Heal Yourself Team finds a new home on SPIRIT1400 AM, WWIN BALTIMORE. Our informative hit radio show enters its 2nd season on a full gospel platform. Pastor JL, Sr. Spiritual Advisor of The Essene Global Institute & Ministries along with the prolific and lovely, Dr. Nikki Francis, President and CEO of Unicorn Pharmacopeia, LLC, give eye-opening information from a Spiritual, plant-based, herbal and essential oil perspective that promotes holistic living, mental health and full body health system enhancements.

    Dr Nicole “Nikki” Ford-Francis is a powerful motivational speaker, spiritual intuitive and holistic health professional who, through significant research, provides various different wealth-health aides such as her own line of essential oils, tonics, and tinctures for health and mental wellness. Dr. Nikki is a Doctor of Education, Child, Youth and Family Services, specializing in Bio-Sociology. She is the author of the book, “A Journey to Womanhood; Poems from a Girl Grown Up Too Soon” and is currently working on her new book, “Big Girls Don’t Cry”.

    Nikki, familiarly known, is an expert in the craft of family counseling, intercession, meditation and spiritual advisory. She comes with years of experience as an educator in the Baltimore City School systems and as NASA HQ Program Manager and Government consultant. Dr. Nikki offers classes to those who seek a spiritual assessment and life path reset. The classes she teaches allow participants to create a new life by learning universal principles that have a foundation in Christianity and Ancient Theological philosophies that include the Law of Attraction and positive energy.

    Pastor J.L. Fleming understands as an experienced pastoral counselor, that our world needs healing as we are suffering through the COVID-19 pandemic and civil and racial unrest. Through the struggles of Black Lives Matter and Corona Virus 2020, our show unifies our communities by manifesting a subliminal mural of unfailing unity and hope to all. Our goal is to spread a powerful and positive energy revealing a higher plan for humanity and a call to accountability and self-preservation.

    The Holistic Healing Hour Radio Show with the Real Heal Yourself Team is designed to inspire our people with empowering tools for each person to work collaboratively with their healthcare professional/doctor so they may have the ability to heal themselves, ultimately. The Holistic Hour radio show will follow The Erica Campbell show every Saturday during the peak gospel morning hour from 10am-11am EST;. Listen to us online during the live broadcast at Please visit our company’s website for more information, Unicorn Pharmacopeia, LLC,

    We emphasize how our recommendations are to work in conjunction with medical professionals/doctors so that you can “Heal Yourself” with the help and support of your loved ones and health team. We believe we can promote your business on air, online and in person with our audiences on via various platforms mainly AM radio & on the

    internet. Our show and the information we provide holistically and spiritually impact thousands of listeners. Join us, on the AIR on Saturdays at 10am.

  • 11:00am - 11:30am

    Straight Up Love

    Sharif Omar

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    Straight Up LOVE with host K. Love. She is here to Lift Our Voices Everywhere…for Justice, Black Excellence, and Spiritual Uprising. K. Love will inspire you, shake things up a little, and to do all things with great care, purpose, and intention.

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    Path Of Righteousness

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    Bibleway Community Church