The blessings are many in Lecrae's new joy-filled, celebratory video for "Blessings."

Erica Campbell explains that she was talking with one of the callers about how people waste some of their happy in celebration by focusing on somebody that was “hating on you” or just wasn’t rooting for you to win. Warryn Campbell explains that God never blesses us to make others feel bad. In fact, our […]

In this edition of the Ericaism, Erica Campbell talks about attending the wedding of Kirk Franklin‘s daughter, which Kirk himself officiated. She says it was a beautiful affair because Kirk was so honest about what marriage is and what it isn’t. Erica also says its easy to look at the world and assume marriage isn’t […]

With the holidays coming and preparing for out-of-town guests, you might want to consider burning sage to cleanse whatever negative energy you might be experiencing before and/ or after people visit at your home. ( Sage is an herb that is known for its healing and medicinal properties. People have burned sage since ancient times […]

Via 1) Every person you see, you should give a gift to. Whether it be a compliment, a plant, or a blessing. This will create love and joy to you and to those around you. 2) You must allow yourself to receive whatever gift the world has to offer you. Embrace the gifts of […]