At the town hall discussion for CNN’s Almighty Debt: A Black In America special, Pastor Soaries and Bishop T.D. Jakes explain why pastors should get involved in the financial matters of parishioners. Should Pastors Provide Financial Advice? Uploaded by thatsfunny. – Up-to-the minute news videos. RELATED STORIES T.D. Jakes Says Change Of Plan Saved Him […]

CNN anchor Don Lemon admitted over the weekend that he was a victim of a pedophile as a child. Lemon made the startling announcement on live TV while discussing the scandal involving Georgia Bishop Eddie Long, who is accused of sexually abusing male teenage members of his church. “I have never admitted this on television,” […]

Rick Sanchez referred to Barack Obama as the “cotton picking president” on CNN Monday. Sanchez made the comment in a discussion with CNN correspondent Jessica Yellin on “Rick’s List” about the many falsehoods that have been spread about Obama, such as the claim that he is a Muslim or that he is not a citizen […]

Roland Martin appears on Rick’s List with host Rick Sanchez to discuss the intriguing three-way Florida Senate race between Republican Marco Rubio, Independent Charlie Crist and Democrat Kendrick Meek. WATCH: Roland Martin breaks down Florida’s three-way Senate Race. Also check out the Pictures of the Week gallery: RELATED: VIDEO: Roland Martin Talks NAACP vs. Tea […]

Roland Martin appears in the CNN News Room with host Kyra Phillips, and American Morning co-host John Roberts. Martin, Phillips and Roberts discuss USDA official, Shirley Sherrod’s resignation, the NAACP’s statement and the video snippet that caused this controversy. WATCH: Video Snippet Cost USDA Official, Shirley Sherrod Her Job

Tea Party Spokesman Mark Williams talks about his controversial comments that mocked the NAACP. WATCH: Did Tea Party spokesman mock NAACP?

I just read a pilot study that CNN released on the racial attitudes of children. And nearly 60 years after the watershed Brown v. Board of Education case – in which the Supreme Court invalidated Jim Crow school segregation – it seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same.