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Oretha Winston, lead Editor at, released a moving opinion piece in support of Gabby Douglas’s accomplishments and not her hair.

In recent news many critics took to their twitter”s, opinion blogs, and comment boards to bash Douglas’s hair and people like Winston have had enough.

“The gold medal victory of Gabrielle “Gabby, The Flying Squirrel” Douglas was used as a moment to critique her hair. Did you not see the hours of skill that the young lady poured into her uneven bars, floor routine, vault and balance beam? Yet, twitter timelines were filled with condemnations of “look at those pins, clips, gel and naps, ” Winston writes.

In addition to Gabby’s hair being discussed by viewers at home, popular comedian, Kevin Hart chose to chime in on the ongoing bashing, leaving Winston with this to say:

Kevin Hart, you of all people should know better. You have a daughter. What exactly did you think would be funny about making fun of a young girl? My black brother, did you think that falling into the “let me joke about something in current events creating relevancy” joke would be okay?  I am sure that your being short has never been a joke  right? Exactly.  It  even made CNN.

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